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Cleaning the intestines – The depurative solution

Intestinal cleansing can become really necessary, Dr. Hulda Clark says that bacteria are always the cause of bowel problems, such as pain, swelling and gas. That’s why doing a bowel cleansing can become something really necessary, do not be afraid of a bowel cleansing is something completely safe for your health and for your bowel. There are times when you should not think about whether to do a bowel cleansing or not.

Cleaning the intestines in Clark Therapy

The Zapper of Dr. Hulda Clark does not destroy patogens (parasites, bacterias, virus, fungus) because the current does not penetrate the inside of the intestine, so to cleanse the intestines you have to resort to other methods.

bowel cleansing

Although some bacteria are beneficial, those that are not, such as Salmonella, Shigella and Escherichia Coli, very harmful because they can invade the rest of the body and colonize a diseased or weakened organ.

These bacterias require the presence of heavy metals, so it is recommended to carry out a detoxification of metals together with cleaning the intestines. Bowel cleansing is one of the best options.

Duration of bowel cleansing: 25 days

Intestinal cleaning ingredients

To perform a bowel cleansing you have to resort to several ingredients:

– Nogal tincture: (It is part of the herbal deworming protocol of Dr. Hulda Clark very typical in cleaning intestines) promotes intestinal motility.

– Turmeric and Fennel to eliminate the bacteria Shigella and E. Coli (something really necessary in the cleaning of intestines). Many processed foods, including fruits and vegetables, may be contaminated with Escherichia coli. It is recommended to wash fruits and vegetables in ozonated water to eliminate germs.

Frequently, beef also carries E. Coli, since they are fed with cereals instead of their natural diet based on pastures, which causes lower levels of acidity in the stomach, just what E. Coli bacteria needs to survive.
Turmeric stimulates the production of glutathione, one of the most important antioxidants in the body, responsible for the elimination of dangerous free radicals, which causes deterioration of health and aging.

-Fennel is essential in cleaning intestines, helps digestion, decreases flatulence and relieves intestinal pain. It is also used as an expectorant and is indicated in the treatment of chronic cough.

-Oil of Wild Oregano:  2 capsules per day, 1-0-1, to eliminate fungus such as Candidas, the dose will depend if they are only intestinal or blood level.

– Digestive Enzymes: for the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They prevent residual undigested in the intestine, which can cause bacterial growth.

– Magnesium oxide: To avoid constipation during cleaning and facilitate the elimination. Generally the bacterium Clostridium botilium is responsible for constipation, by manufacturing its own chemicals in the colon to eliminate the neurotransmitters that control intestinal motility.

– Hydrochloride Betaine: Eliminates Clostridium and other pathogens by increasing the pH of the stomach, which prevents its passage into the intestine.

– Lugol (or ozonated water if you are allergic). Antibacterial Specific to eliminate salmonellas, responsible for at least half of intestinal problems. Salmonella is usually found in dairy products, even if they have been pasteurized. Lugol iodine helps to detoxify the fluoride organism.

How can you observe these are the ingredients of a bowel cleansing, no need to be afraid of bowel cleansings is completely safe and natural for your health.

The bowel cleansing can make you feel good again, feel free to do a bowel cleansing is something that you will not regret in life.

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