Hepatic cleansing is a protocol that has been used by various cultures throughout ancient and modern history.
Dr. Hulda Clark advised against performing liver cleansing without having previously done a deworming and in addition to a previous kidney cleansing to obtain better results.

Well, during the liver cleansing numerous toxic substances are mobilized that can overload the renal function. The protocol is very safe, although when debugging many toxins are released that can bring annoying symptoms of detoxification, but positive for health.
The protocol indicates using Epson salts, since they are a powerful cholagogue, to purge the intestines and dilate the bile ducts.
It also indicates combining grapefruit juice (not lemon) and 160ml. Of olive oil. Because the grapefruit exerts a quite different effect to the lemon that favors the constriction of the choledochus while the grapefruit does not.

When a person performs a certain number of liver cleanings (depending on each person) their bile ducts and vesicles are free, no more stones are removed even if more cleanings are performed.
The eliminated stones have been analyzed in laboratories and the results indicate that their composition coincides with that of the stones extracted surgically.

Dr. Hulda Clark recommends liver cleansing of gallstones, since it is the most powerful procedure you can do to improve your health, your digestion, eliminate shoulder, arm and back pain and increase your energy. It is estimated that it performs more than 500 different functions, being the detoxification of toxic substances one of the most important for liver cleansing. For many people, including children, the bile duct is clogged with porous stones where they are sheltered and stored all kinds of bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites that pass through the liver and where the immune system does not detect what constitutes a focus constant infection for the body causing stomach ulcer, intestinal inflammation, gas… Many people lose weight, stop hair loss, eliminate allergies…

It is advisable before this great liver cleansing first perform a mouth cleansing, removing cavities and  heavy metals if any.


Steps to perform liver cleanse


Apple juice: Drink a liter of juice a day, during the previous week, with a mild diet.

EPSON SALTS: (Magnesium Sulfate): 4 tablespoons in 3/4 liter of water

OLIVE OIL: 160ml (stimulates the gallbladder causing its emptying)

FRESH GRAPEFRUITS: 1 large or 2 small (1 large glass)

You can add if you wish L-Ornithine, 4 caps. before sleeping (if you suffer from insomnia doubling the dose, helps you fall asleep, avoid spending a sleepless night, in addition to being relaxing, helps eliminate the ammonia produced by parasites at death, especially toxic to the brain.
Black Walnut Tincture:  10 to 20 drops to kill the parasites.

Choose a Saturday to rest the next day. The cleaning lasts 21 hours. Do not take medicine, vitamins … this can prevent the success of cleaning. Stop the program for parasites and herbs for kidneys a day earlier. In each cleaning, only one area of ​​the liver is cleansed, therefore the cleaning should be repeated several times (every 3 weeks).

Breakfast and Lunch: NO OIL OR FAT, no butter, no milk. Oatmeal cooked in water, fruit and vegetable juice, bread, baked or steamed potatoes and vegetables, this allows the bile to accumulate and later develop more pressure in the liver, so it will throw more stones.

– 2h PM: Do not eat or drink anything after this time (you may feel pretty bad). Mix 4 tablespoons of Epson’s Salts in 750ml of water, which you will have to divide into 4 glasses

– 7h PM: Drink the 1st glass of Epson salts. (Right after drinking the salts, you can rinse your mouth with a little water and spit it out to eliminate the bad taste).

– 9h. PM: Drink the 2nd glass of salts from Epson, (without having eaten since 2:00 PM).

– 10h. PM .: You can do an enema, if you have already gone to the bathroom several times, it is not necessary, but if not, it is recommended.

– 10h. 45 PM: Put 160ml cup of olive oil and the grapefruit juice pouring another half cup, mix it well (in a pot with lid it is better to mix it). Go to the bathroom one or more times, but not more than 15 minutes.

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– 11h. PM: Drink the mixture and the 4 caps. of Ornithine, next to the bed, lie down immediately after drinking it. Stay on your back for 30 minutes, (with the head slightly incorporated so that the oil does not produce nausea or desire to vomit). You may feel a train of stones coming down from your bile ducts (there is no pain because the valves of the bile ducts are open thanks to the salts of Epson).

It is very important not to get up or get up under any circumstances, make sure that when you go to sleep you have everything you need on the bedside table and you have gone to the bathroom for the last time.
Now sleep in the position you are used to, no longer get up.

– 7h A.M. The next morning: When you get up, take your 3rd take of Epson’s salts. If you have nausea, wait until they leave, you can return to bed if you wish (do not drink this 3rd shot before 7:00 AM).

– 9h. A.M. 2 hours later: Take your 4th and last dose of Epson salts and go back to bed.

– 11h. A.M. 2 hours later: You can eat but start light, fruit juice first, half an hour later eat fruits. And an hour later eat regular but light food. For the lunch of the midday, take light things, salads, vegetable soups … (you can already take oil normally). For dinner you will feel fully recovered.

During the morning wait for diarrhea, with a hand lamp observe the gallstones that float for cholesterol in the toilet in the bathroom. Count them, you will need a total of 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to remove from you: Allergies, bursitis or high back pain permanently. The first cleaning can take them away from them for a few days, but since the stones “travel” from back to front, they can give you the same symptoms again. You can repeat the cleanings with intervals of 2 weeks. Never clean if you are sick.

Two days later it is advisable to do an enema again, to clean the colon of the toxic residues that may have remained on it after cleaning.
It is advisable to clean the kidneys and liver before a Columbus Hydrotherapy, since the pressure of the water during the treatment pushes the toxins inwards.
“Do not perform cleanings during pregnancy.”

* During the morning and perhaps afternoon hours after cleaning, you will have several watery stools. Initially, these consist of stones mixed with food waste, and then only stones mixed with water. Most stones are green peas and float in the cup because they contain bile components. The stones are of different shades of green and can be bright and glistening like gems. Only the bile of the liver can be the cause of the green color. The stones can be of all measures, colors and shapes. The lighter colored stones are the most recently formed, while the darker ones are the oldest ones. Some are the size of a pea or smaller, and others are as large as two or three centimeters in diameter. There may be dozens and sometimes even hundreds of stones. Some of the larger dark or white ones may have sunk to the bottom of the cup.

These are calcified stones that have been released from the gallbladder and contain substances of high toxicity with only small amounts of cholesterol. All green and yellowish stones are soft as putty thanks to the action of apple juice. You may also find a layer like white or dark foam floating in the cup. The foam consists of millions of tiny white crystals with sharp edges that can easily break the small bile ducts. They are equally important to release.


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