First, who was Dr. Hulda Clark?

Dr. Hulda Clark was a personage of undoubted prestige and considered as the best expert in Cellular Physiology all over the world.

The legacy that Dr. Hulda Clark left us was 8 books that were the result of 50 years of research, of which she spent 46 years practicing medicine, as a Naturopath.

Hulda Clark was born in 1928 in the former Soviet Union from a Mennonite family. She arrived with her parents in Canada at the age of 11.

Hulda Clark studied there and graduated in Physiology and Biology at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), receiving the Magna Cum Laude Award, and in Biophysics and Cell Physiology at the University of Minnessota (USA) with honorable mention.
Hulda Clark received her Doctorate in 1958. In 1979 she left government sponsored research and was awarded a Naturopathic degree at Clayton College of Alternative Medicine.

But Dr. Hulda Clark had to leave the United States by persecution of the health authorities due to the threat posed to the conventional medicine by the success of her therapy and the content of her books.

Dr. Hulda Clark had to move to Tijuana (Mexico) where she continued practicing her profession directing the Century Nutrition Clinic of Tijuana.

Dr. Hulda Clark in the past 15 years has cured more than 2000 patients with cancer.

After a lifetime of research, she concluded that the causes of all diseases are due to pathogens and toxins.
In her books Dr. Hulda Clark talks about all of them: pathogens, dangerous substances in food, dental materials, body products and even medical and injectable materials.

Dr. Hulda Clark identifies them using the Synchrometer. This analysis device, also of its invention, detects resonant frequencies between two products.
It is a sound frequency oscillator and it is more accurate and versatile than the best method of analysis available.

Dr. Hulda Clark uses a sample of saliva and copies it with the help of the Zapper, another device of her invention, to obtain a frequency pattern of everything that exists in the body of a person, animal or any product.

Dr. Hulda Clark left us in Setp. 2009 and it is up to us to continue with her legacy.

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