One of the 3 methods to make the saliva copy in the Clark Therapy is the saliva homeographic sample: it is copying the frequencies of a saliva sample into pure water that can be stored indefinitely.

  • 1 – With a piece of paper like the kitchen paper, not perfumed, or colored and without chlorine or with a piece of an ecological kleenex, 8 cm x 8 cm, dry and folded to obtain a square of 3 x 3 cm., you introduce it into the mouth, salivate it until wet, not soaked, during one minute, and spit it into a bag without touching it with your hands. You add a finger of pure water to the bag and reserve.
  • 2 – A small plastic bottle or amber crystal of pure water is then filled. It is placed on the “Experiment 96” next to the Saliva sample that will be in contact with the metal plate and inside the two galvanized tubes. Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper is connected for 25 seconds without touching them.
  • 3. We already have in the small bottle the frequencies of the Saliva of a person. (Page 617 of the book “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers” by Dr. Hulda Clark).


If the person is miles from the Tester, he/she does not need to be physically present to deliver the Saliva simple because it can be sent by post or by courier.

There are different methods to realize the saliva sample, method nº 1 is recommended, if the person resides in Spain or Europe. But if the person resides in another continent, methods nº 2 or nº 3 are recomended.

Method nº 1:
Proceed as detailed in section “1”, but instead of spitting the piece of keenex in a bag, it will be inserted inside a polyethylene or amber glass plastic jar, filled with ethyl alcohol by 70% and the rest 20% pure water. Close the jar. You have to wrap it in aluminum foil to protect it and in a plastic with air bubbles. Pack it and send it. No matter the days it takes to get Saliva, it will not be ruined.

Method nº 2:
Being able to copy the frequency pattern of a sample of saliva in pure water is important to transport it safely and to store it indefendently. You can capture it in a small bottle of water (method nº 2) or in a sealed water bag (method nº 3).

1- Take a small bottle (see photo), which fits well in your hand, so that your hand is in contact with the maximum surface of the bottle. The bottle can be made of plastic or small glass, without metal lid.

copia saliva

2 – Take a piece of paper, such as the kitchen one, or a kleenex, not perfumed, not colored and without chlorine, white paper. Cut a piece of 8 cm x 8 cm and fold it 3 times and another 3 times, get a square of 3 cm x 3 cm. Introduce it in the mouth, and salivate it; for one minute, until it is moist, but not soaked. Place it in a plastic bag, without touching it.

3- Next, fill the amber glass bottle with pure water, but not full, leaving space to shake. Close it. Hold the bag with the sample of saliva in your hand, place the bottle of water on top of the bag (see photo). The bottle should be placed on the paper with saliva. Close your hand tightly, squeezing them. Shake vigorously 130 times (20 times for every 5 seconds). You can rest, and shake again.

4- Wrap the bottle with bubble wrap and then with aluminum foil (insulation), to keep it safe from magnetic fields during the trip. Always in the luggage compartment. It does not need refrigeration.

Obviously, your body supplies the high frequency energy necessary to “transport”  the frecuency of the saliva sample through the glass or plastic to the water. The action can be similar to the homeographic sample.

Method nº 3:
1- Take a piece of paper, such as the kitchen one, or a kleenex, not perfumed, not colored and without chlorine, white paper. Cut a piece of 8 cm x 8 cm and fold it 3 times and another 3 times, until you get a square of 3 cm x 3 cm. Introduce it in the mouth, and salivate it; for one minute, until it is moist, but not soaked. Place it in a plastic bag, without touching it. Close this bag nº1.

2- Take another plastic bag with zipper, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of pure water. Close this bag  nº 2. We will save the frequency  of the saliva sample in this water sample. Check that the bag does not leak.

3- Place the bag nº 1 with the saliva in your hand, so that the piece of paper with the saliva is in your palm, place the bag nº 2 with the sample of pure water on top, on top of the piece of paper which is inside bag nº 1, also in his palm. Squeeze hard, shake 150 times, as fast as you can. Try to shake 4 times per second. If the water leaks, close the bag again and clean carefully.

4- Once finished, throw the bag with the piece of saliva paper, put the water sample in another sealed bag, and both in a plastic bottle. Put this bottle in another bag. During the trip all the stamps can be opened.

This bottle of water can travel without special precautions.


Syncrometer test tableau

Once the copy of Saliva is obtained in a small bottle of water, we put it in one of the plates of the Syncrometer and we begin to test the reactivity between its frequencies with the frequencies of what we put in the other plate, like Parasite, Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Toxic, Heavy Metals… at a systemic level… or at an organic level. In this case the organ will nose to nose to the copy of saliva.

The Syncrometer was another very important invention of Dr. Hulda Clark. It is an audio-oscillator circuit that tune in resonance with all organisms and objects, like a radio tuner can locate a certain station. The syncrometer is able to “identify” everything that is in the body, it can be an object, an organ, a chemical substance or a parasite, bacteria, virus because each thing has its frequency or group of frequencies characteristic of that thing or animal.

The Syncrometer
For this reason, Dr. Hulda Clark dedicated herself to do all her research with the syncrometer, determining the causes of cancer, HIV and other “mysterious” diseases. Her approach was very simple: using the synchrometer, she searched for common denominators (for example: toxins, pathogens…) in each case of pathology, comparing the results of her tests on patients affected by the same disease (for example: cancer).
Once assured of her own discoveries, Dr. Hulda Clark searched the confirmation of her most important data with conventional analyzes done in independent laboratories. This was often difficult because the syncrometer detects with a much greater specificity of the different kind of pathogens than the mostly of laboratory analyzes.

Dr. Hulda Clark has written 7 books, of which 5 are about cancer, where she tells in detail her methods, results and conclusions, so that everybody can read and know them. In her latest books, Dr. Hulda Clark describes her latest and new frequency technologies, such as zapping-plate and homeography. In addition, each of his books on cancer contain a specific holistic program to fight against this disease.
With its “do it yourself” approach, Dr. Hulda Clark has reached countless people around the world with the information and knowledge provided by her, so these people have been able to help themselves against the illness. Dr. Hulda Clark has suffered serious attacks by health professionals opposed to her and also by government officials. In spite of this, she continued to share her discoveries and knowledge with the whole world for the benefit of humanity and health.

We are grateful to Dr. Hulda Clark for her generous dedication and lasting contribution to science and for the good for all people.


Cuadro de dientes Dra. Clark   –  Picture of Dr. Clark dental test

With Dr. Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer you can test each dental region, each tooth, to know what kind of composite you have in it, what type of Heavy Metals is composed your amalgams, which are the bacterias that are nested inside the tooth, on the gums, under the composite…

Before visiting your dentist and seeing the state of your mouth through an x-ray in which you can not see whether it you have bacteria (Clostridium Tetani) under the composite, you see that a tooth changes color, it goes away darkening, becoming somewhat gray, then it is advisable to test all the dental regions to know which are the infected teeth, which at first sight can not be seen.

For more information about Dental Cleaning, click here.


This furniture contains: 48 Parasites, 57 Bacterias, 24 Virus, 12 Fungus, 5 Dyes, 6 Allergens, 16 Solvents, 40 Toxic, 25 Heavy Metals, 122 Specific Homeographies, 38 Cancer Markers, 266 Organs and 36 dental Regions.

TESTED ADVANCED – Tested homeographies: (see table saliva test)
140 PATHOGENS (Parasites, Bacteria, Virus, Fungus)
TOTAL OF 230 Homeographies + 266 Specific Organs (depending on pathologies)
TEST DENTAL REGIONS – Tested homeopathies:
Infectious and Toxic Focuses of each of the 36 Dental Regions (see dental testing chart)
ADVANCED TEST + 38 Cancer Markers
TOTAL 258 Homeographies + 266 Specific Organs (according to the location of the cancer)

CANCER DISEASE TEST according to Dr. Hulda Clark

With the saliva sample the frequencies of specific toxic substances are tested. This test is made with Dr. Hulda Clark’s Synchrometer, containing the substances and elements that are normally found in patients with cancer. The goal is to eliminate the substances that overload the immune system and recover the natural apoptosis of the body.
It is tested at different levels: saliva, organ with tumor and tumor itself.
As soon as a problem of first importance begins to diminish, it is identified in the saliva.
Here are some things to help you understand what is happening in your body.

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