In unfit waters, tobacco, toothpaste, commercial drinks and dental amalgams.

They were underground, but we have taken them out and now they are even in the air we breathe.


An unthinkable meal, since in the 80’s, it was introduced in industrial yeasts (aluminum added to a bubbling liquid) and bakery-puffed without yeast. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease (Aluminum accumulation in the brain), Herpes, EBV (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).Our meals are full of Nickel and Chromium.

GOLD, the Curse?
It is more difficult to detoxify than other metals. It is the work of the WBC, but if there is radioactivity, they are losing Vitamin C and can’t work; the organs are increasingly filled with Gold, which feeds the Prions and attracts the Macracanthorhyncus (Parasite). The organ is willing to die.Causes diseases in Ovaries, Diabetes, Prionsand Obesity.The copper in the pipes brings lead from the welded joints. Copper produces brown spots.

Nickel stores all metals, consumes our Iridium and changes it to South polarity. The tumors are deposits of Nickel from the Clostridium bacterium causing the scarcity of Iridium so that healing can’t advance. Nickel brings us more and more infections, baldness and allergies.

Cobalt causes heart disease.Vanadium alters the production of globulin (antibodies) that forms red blood cells.Germanium oxide causes WBC deficiency.

Chromium gives us sugar problems in the blood and pain.

These same metals are used by Parasites, Bacteria and even Viruses and Prions, they are the fuel of our diseases.Biochemists know that a mineral in its pure state always inhibits the use of the enzymes of that mineral. The copper of the meat and vegetables that we eat is essential. Inorganic copper like that of a mine or pipes is carcinogenic. And it is what prevails in our environment.

Another metallic threat is dental fillings, mercury amalgams, which in turn are contaminated with thallium, and this is even more toxic than mercury. Gold and silver too, but a little bit less. Other toxic metals are lead and cadmium from pipe welds, nickel and chromium from dentures and cosmetics, aluminum from food, cans and pans.
Heavy Metals reduce glutathione levels, thereby inhibiting the function of the immune system and allowing tumor cells to grow out of control. At the same time cattle for meat and dairy are also being invaded by parasites, which increase the risk of human infestation.

They cause leg pain in children, arthritic pain. Check the water in your keys.Cadmium is a contaminant of zinc, which is used to galvanize pipes. If you have copper pipes and there is cadmium in the water, there must be some piece welded somewhere. Cadmium causes spasms of the blood vessels and this gets worse when you smoke, which is why it is called “smoker’s leg”.

Mercury is a highly toxic metal, both in the organism and outside it.It isn’t understood how official American agencies such as the ADA (American Dental Association) insist, despite the protests and scientific demonstrations of these facts, to hold that installing mercury in the mouth of the American people is a correct and beneficial practice for recipients.

North American federal laws forbidden the disposal of amalgam leftovers and the 16 old fillings substituted for the common garbage dump, forcing the dental health personnel to throw these wastes in special containers to treat them properly without contaminating the environment. This means that the environment should not be contaminated, but the dentist can contaminate the mouth of his patients. No comments!

On the other hand, Dr. Jerome thinks, it is understandable that the ADA promotes the use of mercury amalgam instead of the modern “composite”, since the former is much easier to install than the latter. This way you can easily hide the ineptitude of thousand dentists who, if they are mediocre working with amalgams, could even work with the «composite».Fillings or amalgam of mercury, which contain much more mercury (50% of this metal and the rest of the other metals are all highly polluting), produce the following effects in the body:

– Depression
– They attack the nervous system, producing symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis
– Actively participate in the development of Alzheimer’s disease
– They directly affect the heart
– They produce vasoconstriction and increase in blood pressure
– They produce renal failure
– They inhibit the immune system
– They facilitate spontaneous abortions
– Reduce male fertility
– They favor the strengthening of bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics
– Along with other metals, they produce galvanic currents in the mouth that destroy the teeth and affect other organs.

In the mouth we can find, in addition to amalgam fillings, crowns of various metals and ceramics, bridges, hooks, reinforcements, implants, etc. Sometimes, under a gold crown, seals or remnants of mercury seals can be found. Gold and mercury together form a good pile that produces galvanic currents, which will quickly kill the tooth and also introduce mercury and other metals directly into the bloodstream.

Under a crown, whatever material it may be, never be the smallest particle of metallic filling. When the metal disappears from the mouth, spectacular improvements in the health of the patients are observed.

Amalgam fillings, in addition to mercury and silver, also have in their alloy nickel, a carcinogenic metal. Crowns also contain nickel in 70% of cases.In addition to the aforementioned effect, nickel causes a reaction of hypersensitivity to this metal, which is manifested in 10% of women and 1% of men and its effects are: depression, personality changes, and problems in the urinary system.

This metal should be eliminated from dental medical practice and also from kitchen utensils because, in one way or another, these are continuously introducing nickel in the body.

In addition to the damage caused in the mouth and in the body by all kinds of metals and incorrect medical practices, Dr. Hulda Clark states that there is also contamination by bacteria that lodge in the teeth treated by the dentist, especially when there are crowns, “devitalized” posts or teeth.The bacteria lodge in the microtubules that constitute the dentine, in which the body fluids that feed the bacteria and spill the toxins that they produce can enter, but the leukocytes that could destroy them can’t enter, because they are larger.

A devitalized tooth may contain enough bacteria to challenge the immune system. The toxins are taken by the immune system to the liver to be eliminated and the latter is very damaged. These toxins can at the same time invade kidneys and lymph nodes, biologically weakened areas and previously inflamed areas. Of all these mishaps, none will be attributed to the devitalized tooth.It is known the risk of dying that some people run due to infection of the valves of the heart as a result of the bacteria released after cleaning teeth.

The most serious problem of all is that medicine considers the human body as a machine, and is not able to consider it as a set of 17 interdependent organs: the problems of the mouth are derived to the dentist, those of the intestine to the digestive, those of the heart to the cardiologist, and so on.If one tooth is bad, we remove it and plant another. Is the heart going bad? No problem, a by-pass or two or three will fix everything, and if not, a transplant. Etc.

Another important problem is the use of fluorinated water. Fluoride is a metalloid that produces many harmful effects in the human body: It is carcinogenic. It weakens the bones and favors the fracture of the neck of the femur. It produces fluorosis, weakening and staining the teeth.

It affects RNA. Move to Potassium. Mental confusion, neurological problems, fatigue, paresthesias, hair loss, memory loss. In dental fillings, do dental cleaning and chelation to remove Mercury and Thallium that has been introduced into your tissues. In disposable diapers, in water pipes by materials such as PVC, dental floss, cotonetes and plasters. It can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant, when they accumulate in Ovaries. Take Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg (2 capsules x 3/day, Vit. C 5g/day for 1 month, Magnesium oxide 300mg x 3/day, Niacin 50mg at each meal, reduce phosphates, kidney and liver cleansing, zappear.

Every time we analyze a tumor, the Synchrometer will detect the presence of metallic or inorganic copper. This metal strongly reduces the level of serum iron, which leads to the destruction of the immune system, the red cell manufacturing system, and energy metabolism.

It is the destruction of life. The presence of copper in tumors had already been noticed in cancer research medicine and was thought to be a consequence of cancer. According to Dr. Clark, it is just the opposite, that is, the presence of copper favors cancer and can be easily demonstrated, because by eliminating the intake of metallic copper, its level in a cancerous body drops rapidly.

Metallic copper has a lot of affinity with sulfur and sulfur compounds, such as glutathione, cysteine, taurine and methionine: in this way this metal steals the sulfur that should be combined with the iron in our organs and causes the problems before mentioned Copper enters the body from the water of copper pipes and some metal or plastic dental fillings.

The remedy is simple, because it is enough not to drink the water that flows in pipes of this metal and change the fillings for others not contaminated. Furthermore, when the copper level is lowered, the proliferation of fungi is also inhibited.

Inorganic cobalt, that is in a metallic state, is also toxic and has the characteristic of inhibiting the use of oxygen in the body, and this, as it was discovered long ago, favors the formation of tumors. Another effect of cobalt is the imbalance in the production of plasma proteins in the liver, which can lead, for example, to high levels of albumin and low levels of globulins, or to the formation of multiple myeloma and other diseases.
The toxic effects of cobalt also reach the heart. The official medicine knows it for decades and has banned its pharmacological use almost totally. However, this metal has gradually reappeared, and now we can find it in detergents for washing machines (blue granites), for dishes, in dental fillings, in the plastic of dentures, in mouth rinses, and others. Thus, day after day, we are introducing and accumulating in the organism small amounts of cobalt without knowing it. If we eliminate the presence of metals and plastics in our lives, in just three days the balance of plasma proteins in the body would be restored.
This metal, also inorganic, cause the red Cells count to shoot up to very high levels. In the liver it produces the opposite effect of cobalt and leads to the formation of generalized edema. One might think then that the presence of cobalt and vanadium simultaneously, by generating each one contrary effects, would produce a balance, but it is not so. Actually the two negative effects happen at the same time.
In addition, when combined with the nucleic acid, it forms “vanadyl …” compounds that inhibit the functioning of the P53 gene and lead to the development of tumors. The vanadium contamination can come from the exhaust gases of the car or the gas water heater, or from the gas oven, or from a gas leak in the kitchen, from a coolant leak from the refrigerator or even from some candle even if it is not on.When the entry of vanadium into the body is eliminated, avoiding breathing contaminated air and the presence in the mouth of artificial substances, the Synchrometer stops detecting it.

• Dental sanitation.
• Take MSM: 2 doses a day of 500 mg, 20 minutes. Before eating
•Glutathione: 2 shots a day of 500 mg, 20 minutes before eating and homeographs
• The levels of Mercury and Cadmium are very high in: AUTISM, vaccines.
• Amino Acids are unbalanced due to the effect of heavy metal toxicity.
• Tattoos have lead.
• Heavy metals in liver raise transaminase.

Magnesium helps to dissolve kidney stones, for pregnant women, fibromyalgia, it is an aluminum chelator (very toxic), it goes directly into the breasts (in deodorants).

It was used in pesticides. (Cockroaches, mosquitoes …), in carpets and furniture treated with resistance to stains.
ZIRCONIUM: In deodorants.
BARIUM, THALLIUMAND TITANIUM: In lipsticks, insecticides.
BERILIUM: the lamp oil for hurricanes, derived from gasoline, accumulated in Uterus and Ovaries.
TELURIUM: In dental metal.
PVC: In house window and new bathroom curtain. I
RIDIUM, PLATINUM AND ITRY: can accumulate in testicles and prostate, causing lower back pain, since these metals attract bacteria.
ANTIMONY: of face masks, accumulating in Ovaries and Breasts with pains.
INDIUM AND GALLIUM: of the dental metals.
STRONTIUM: In toothpaste. It usually accumulates in the genitals and urinary tract.
RADON, ITRY, CHROMIUM: accumulate in the genitals and urinary tract.
NICKEL AND EUROPIUM: Of dental materials, accumulated in endometrium.
GADOLINIUM AND GALLIUM: These metals come from GOLD.They are used a lot in dentistry.
CARBON AND PENTANE TETRACLORIDE: in decaffeinated beverages, they accumulate in kidneys in the form of stones and cause prostate problems, and different body pains, such as leg cramps.
STYRENE: from cups of cold ice.
COPPER AND ANTIMONY: mineral gels for massage.
COBALT: of the lotion after shaving and detergents, in truck fumes.
ZIRCONIUM: of the deodorant.
THULIUM: of the orange juice fortified with Vitamin C, most of the Vitamin C bottles.

NIOBIUM: of analgesics.

RADON, NICKEL, BERILIUM, CERIUM, BERILIUM: the body carries towards the sinuses a connection of toxic materials that could be drained outwards. If you feel pain in the breast and fibrocystic eruptions, you have accumulation of Nickel and Cerium (dental fillings) and Beryllium. The Cerium can accumulate in the Retine.

LEAD, CADMIUM, SILVER, GOLD, GALIUM: of the dental metals, hair dye.

ALUMINUM AND FREON: They accumulate in the brain and kill the Neurons, produce the Alzheimer. The aluminum contained in table salt prevents caking, is in detergents, deodorants, cosmetics, soaps, tap water, baking yeast, sodium bicarbonate, medicines such as antacids, casseroles and aluminum foil. In all the vaccines and now they want to include it in the annual flu.

HOLMIUM: in creams to clean hands.

HAFNIUM: enamels for nails and sprinklers for hair.

CESIUM: In plastic containers and plastic tubes.

TUNGSTEN: In corroded bar of electric heaters, electric pans, hair curlers, toasters, electric pots.


We found it in walls and ceiling, but it is also in food and water. It comes from the old clay pipes, from the same pumping station of a filter or water softener to which the wrong chlorine is added. The correct chlorine is the one with the “NSF” seal. They are small fibers with harpoons, very harmful and numerous.

Polarizes south to the water since it contains a ferrite molecule. This is the trigger in the hypothalamus in the brain that induces you to release your cell growth factor. But at the same time the white blood cells feel the truth, “there is an intruder,” you have to devour it, and you begin to devour the asbestos, then a large amount of iron enters the white blood cells of southern polarity.

The gene has been detonated to produce ferritin which is the storage molecule of iron, but it is too much iron that covers them, it is like a black tide, they cannot see or feel, it is the immune system stops. It is eliminated with special hot washes, take levamisole to eliminate the ferritin layer of white blood cells, papain can also eliminate it.

A new bulge it’s demoralizing and it leads to panic. Most likely, a small piece of radioactive dental filling has entered the dental canal or has moved into it. The location in the channel decides the place of the new package.The conduction of Polonium is along the dental nerve.

Way to find out
Fold half of a paper towel 3 times and moisten it lightly. Clean the area on the package before showering in AM, put it in a plastic bag and test it with the synchrometer in search of chlorine, OPT, Polonium and Uranium… Start with chelating dental rinse (EDTA) or with IP6 and gargle (p.419) without rest (2 or 3 days) to remove any fragment of Polonium and Uranium. If there is no OPT it is not malignant, but takes out the Uranium from there.

If there is Mercury, go to the dentist. Removing Polonium from your teeth will stop all metastases; leaving Uranium only delays the return of it.


Bread yeast and Clostridium bacteria release Chromium and Nickel. The Clostridium bacteria produce the enzyme Urease, which contains nickel in organic form. If you use Zappingprocess Clostridiumis eliminated, Nickel is released from urease. When a fairly advanced cancer is tested, it does not find metals, they are all being used by the invaders. When you kill them with zapper, after several hours, find the metals released (such as nickel), fungi, yeasts, mix of bluish green algae and Clostridium.

If you wait another several hours, the invaders return, the cycle keeps repeating itself. It is necessary to chelate the nickel to eliminate it and prevent the cycle from repeating, since the clostridiums subsist from the remains, aided by the toxic element nickel, which they integrate into their enzyme Urease. The best thing is to restore the immunity of the body in this area so that the white blood cells can eliminate them, taking them to the bladder.


The Prostate collects toxins as if it were designed for Nickel and also the urinary tract looks for this metal, and even a small amount, it will attract the bacteria that use the Ureas as its food source, breaking its molecule in two ammonium atoms. The urine should not have an ammonium smell, since the body does not produce ammonium, it is due to the presence of bacteria that have it, only they can do this, with their digestive enzymes, called Urease and that require the element Nickel for it.

Nickel is in the ground, breaking and using the urine left by the animals. These bacteria do an essential task in the environment, destroying animal droppings and cleaning the soil around us.

But if we do not fill the body with Nickel, these bacteria of the earth will not reside in us, if we do not give it Nickel, they will not have a land to reproduce and then invade the Prostate.

To get rid of Nickel
Remove spoons, forks filled with nickel, stainless steel has 8% Nickel. Nickel is not an essential mineral for us. The plants have a fairly low level, but a farm egg has 3mcg/100g of Nickel in it, since the chicken is contaminated.

Nickel is also found in dental metals, they are used to make hard the GOLD, to make the bridges, the crowns for the retainers, for the fillings. If you have Prostate problems, eliminate all this, use plastic or wooden knives, do not wrap anything in aluminum foil. Nickel is soluble in the fat of your skin temporarily when it enters the body, oils can be charged with nickel causing skin allergies, the pattern of baldness in men is one of these allergies.
Sweat tries to excrete it, wash your head thoroughly to eliminate it. The skin dissolves the nickel of the metallic jewelry, some leaving a slightly black or greenish color on your skin, and transports it through your body. After eliminating all levels of Nickel in your body and Prostate, the disease will be just a memory. Bacteria cannot live in the Prostate, unless there is Nickel there.
Take Histidine of 500mg x1/day x3 weeks (it is a Nickel chelator),Zinc of 60mgx2/day x1 month, (since Nickel can poison the enzymes that Zinc provides), the oil of Flax is also useful, zapping bacteria, cleaning kidneys.


    • Marcas de Composites y materiales testados y conformes con la Terapia Clark:

      – Point 4 (KERR)
      – TPM (Dentsply)
      – Filtek Z 250 (3M)
      – Acrílico (Feets)
      – Corona y Puentes (TARYIS)
      – Composites: Venus Heraeus

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