Diseases Related or Provoked By Mercury

Dr. Hulda Clark states that methylmercury passes from the intestine to the bloodstream and finally to the organs and nerves. A lot of mercury is also fixed in bones and joints. Mercury also diffuses through the gums, tooth roots and jaw to the central nervous system and the brain (within 48 hours). The trigeminal nerve of people with fillings is full of mercury, silver and tin, and causes the teeth to grind.
It was shown in several experiments that Mercury leaves the amalgam fillings and can be taken in by the body.

There is no doubt that many symptoms, among them: fatigue, depression, irritability, vertigo, amnesia, oral inflammation, diarrhea, inappetence, chronic colds (inflammation of mucous membranes) are often caused by the mercury to which the body is exposed by his amalgam fillings, in small but continuous quantities.

Doctors must pay serious attention to this fact. Then it will be verified that the careless use of amalgam as dental filling has been and is a serious crime against humanity. The main and first symptoms of mercury poisoning are the following: Mild depression, tremors in the hands, cold hands and feet, sleep disturbance, numbness, high cholesterol, memory loss, fatigue, joint problems.

There are many more

Psychic effects

Anxiety, emotional instability, shyness, fatigue syndrome (chronic), decreased memory, sleep disturbance, depression, suicidal tendencies, loss of self-confidence, negativity, nervousness, lack of stimuli, lack of energy, passivity, addictions, indecision, excitability, epilepsy, children’s hyperactivity, autism, decreased reaction capacity, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s.

Physical effects
Cold hands and feet, sweating during the night, chronic pains, headaches, loss of appetite, high or low weight, herpes, Alzheimer’s, infertility, constipation, joint problems (pains), hair loss, impotence, arthritis, metallic taste in the mouth, general weakness, resistance to antibiotics, anemia, asthma, high blood pressure, eczema on the skin, hormonal disorders, high cholesterol, hearing problems, vision problems, susceptibility to infections.
Also, liver diseases (limited function) kidney diseases (idem), dyslexia, palpitations in the mouth, back pain, weakness of the immune system, hand tremor, bleeding gums, ulcers in the mouth, glaucoma, bowel diseases, stomachdiseases, cardiac arrhythmia, alimentary sensitivity, viral diseases, fungal diseases, candida, lupus, allergies, thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, vertigo, abundant perspiration, sciatica (constant pain), lumbago, colitis, cancer, rheumatism, Crohn…
Heavy metals function as antennas for electromagnetic pollution

As we have seen mercury is fixed in different parts of the human body. It mainly affects organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart, causing different alterations in them. But it also affects the joints, the intestinal tract, the bones, the blood and especially the entire nervous system including the brain.

In nerve cells, mercury is responsible for the partial destruction of microtubules, thus inhibiting adequate axonal transport. Thus, these cells cannot get rid of other neurotoxins and other debris.

This causes emotional changes (limbic system), disturbances of the auditory and visual system and other symptoms of the nervous system, not always caused by the mercury itself.

In the intracellular space, mercury causes damage to the mitochondria, our energy factories (fatigue).Microorganisms that are constantly in contact with mercury in the mouth not only develop a resistance against it, but also against antibiotics.

Dr. Hulda Clark states that the transfer of the mother to the fetus and the baby causes a delayed growth of nerve tissue, a smaller brain, less body weight and an incomplete immune system; so that their genetic potential is less likely to evolve (It also seems related to autism).

Thanks to detoxification methods this delay can be recovered in the first year of life.

Many cancers and infectious diseases are an attempt by the body to immobilize the neurotoxins that we all have in our body. High concentrations of neurotoxins, especially mercury, they have been detected at the center of many tumors. Also diseases caused by streptococci, staphylococci, candida and herpes are related to heavy metal poisoning.

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