My objective in making this website is to make known the Dr. Hulda Clark Therapy that I use to treat my patients.

As Naturopath and Therapist Clark after several years using different therapies to improve the health of my patients, I ended up choosing the Clark Therapy; Specializing in it and checking the effectiveness of it in my patients, myself and my child.

You can learn to heal yourself and to be a health detective thanks to Clark therapy.
If you are sick or chronically ill, you must ask yourself sometimes or many times:

Why do these problems affect me? Is there any way to eliminate them?

You may be convinced by your doctor’s explanation of your and your child’s pathology and you pray that your child’s immune system can beat and heal.

The list of a person symptoms can be long and confused, but it does not matter, from chronic fatigue, infertility, bone pains to mental problems, you will surely find two reasons: this person has toxic and parasites in the body.

Dr. Hulda Clark says that killing the invaders is only the first step, however, it is a life-saving step. Feeling good is more than saving the live.

1. Look closely at your many small invaders who have been with you and your brave immune system has tried to not infect your white cells.

2. Your chronic diseases and your infections will stop and go thanks to the Clark Therapy.

3. Your hair will stop falling and maybe grow back.

4. Your body may again become pregnant, when you have already given up.

5. Your fatigue may decrease. Your insomnia can also go away.

6. Your sight and hearing can be made more intense. Your constant hunger may disappear.

7. Health is not only be free of diseases, health is: feel wonderful, smile at life, feel gratitude and be alive.

Typical questions about the Clark Therapy and Dr. Hulda Clark

– What makes Dr. Hulda Clark believe that you can find things in the human body that can not be found in a blood test?
– Why electronic tests are superior in many ways to chemical methods?
– What is the basis of the Dr. Clark Therapy?

Dr. Hulda Clark can electronically identify abnormal forms of an organ without having to explore or invade it. We can identify virus, bacterias, fungus, parasites, solvents and toxins. All have an unique frequency and everything reside in a selective electrocution.

The correct treatment of Hulda Clark in her Therapy is not only to kill our pathogenic invaders, but to recover the health, while we heal the immune system, which makes Clark Therapy one of the best Therapies. But not only the parasites are making us sick, the contamination as well. People who are sick always have an environmental contamination that has to be corrected as intoxication by:

– Solvents,
– Heavy Metals,
– Mycotoxins,
– Physical and chemical toxins that invade your body and air,
– Certain foods and beverages,
– Certain body products

The accumulation of these substances weakens the immune system (Thyroid, Lymphatic System, Skin…) allowing the parasites to grow. Each parasite or bacteria has a preference for a particular organ, to which it will be attracted if it finds on it the type of contaminant that serves it as food, producing different pathologies called “chronic”, “incurable”, or “genetic” that in many cases are not such, but the parents transmit to the fetus the Parasites and Heavy Metals, among others, of those they are carriers.

Contaminants are toxic substances in us that hinder the work of each organ. They all reinforce Bacteria and Fungus in addition to breaking the RNA and DNA chains. These toxins are responsible for all our problems. Dr. Hulda Clark found many solutions in her career.

In any type of serious disease, with high contamination, Dr. Hulda Clark advises to use the “Zapper” connected to the “Zapping plates” so that the current passes through these insulating substances that are accumulated in the thin layer of fat under the skin or surrounding the internal organs, the Zapper is the best tool of the Clark Therapy.

Killing parasites, removing contaminants and cleaning liver (gall stones), kidneys, and intestines is a powerful combination of treatment to help your body to heal, to change and to be a new person in a few months and then improve each year.

Dr. Hulda Clark, after more than 60 years of research, came to the conclusion that the causes of all “diseases” including chronic, degenerative, autoimmune and cancer are due to two causes:

• Pathogens (parasites, bacterias, virus, fungus) present in the body of all people who are generally able to excrete them at an early stage and do not reach adults;
• To environmental intoxication.

As for the knowledge that Dr. Hulda Clark acquired she would translate it into 8 books published in English and some of them translated into other languages in which is reflected in depth as the Clark Therapy acts. Although some of them very technical, the bases of her therapy remain simple; Eliminate the causes that produce the disease so that the body can heal itself.

How do I start Clark Therapy?

1st. step of the Clark Therapy:

“Test through the saliva” with the Dr. Hulda Clark’s “Synchrometer.”

With the test we will detect all types of pathogens (parasites, bacterias, virus, fungus), toxic (solvents, allergens, dyes, heavy metals) accumulated in different organs and causing systemic dysfunction (organic, glandular, hormonal, enzymatic), intolerances… Even being able to locate accurately the organ or tissue in which they are.

The Dr. Hulda Clark Synchrometer is a much more sensitive and versatile tool than laboratory analysis, it is also a very valuable tool in Clark Therapy.

2nd step of the Clark Therapy:

After Saliva Testing, a complete report is given to the patient, explaining in full detail the reason for his / her illness so that he / she understands it, then the treatment arrives with:

– Herbal deworming, Detoxification, Renal Cleansing, Intestinal Cleansing and finally Liver Cleansing.

– All with White Blood Cell Supplements.

The Clark Therapy can kill more than 100 different parasites and their eggs. “No side effect”.

3rd Step of the Clark Therapy:

Depending on the Saliva Test result, it is recommended to complete this treatment with Dr. Hulda Clark’s famous “Zapper” and the “Zapping Plates” to work and stimulate a damaged organ, stimulate the Immune System and eliminate certain hidden pathogens in certain organs or places of the organism difficult to reach.

With this informative website of the Clark Therapy I want to help you to get acquainted with Dr. Hulda Clark’s remarkable findings by being as neutral as possible about her and her protocols so you can decide yourself.
Through this website I want to show you how the application of Clark’s Therapy by Dr. Hulda Clark will improve your health and well-being in a simple but effective way.

All information on Clark Therapy is for educational purposes. Dr. Hulda Clark’s books have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to replace medical care, diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure the disease. We believe in the right of information of the individual to choose their own methods of medical care. As always, consult with a health professional before starting any self-care program.